Chamber music for a new era

Lenoir Sax group photo

Over 20 Years of Lenoir Sax

For over 20 years, Lenoir Sax has been breaking the rules and making its presence known in the field of chamber music. They stand between the worlds of the old and the new presenting well-known melodies in a new format for audiences throughout the area.

With performances throughout the Southeastern United States and in Europe, Lenoir Sax offers the sound of the American saxophone quartet as first defined by the Hollywood Saxophone Quartet. Concerts include music from sources as varied as medieval chant to modern pop with a little bit of everything in between.

The group specializes in chamber jazz. Wikipedia defines chamber jazz:

Chamber jazz is a genre of jazz involving small, acoustic-based ensembles where group interplay is important. It is influenced aesthetically by musical neoclassicism and is often influenced by classical forms of Western music as well as non-Western music or culture. That stated, in many cases the influence is traditional Celtic music, Central European folk music, or Latin American music instead.

Being based in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the quartet embraces its roots and includes the music of various folk tunes, hymns, as well as the cool jazz of the 1950s and world music from all around the globe.